Pension reform archive

We are currently seeking funding for a joint project with the University of Birmingham, the ‘Pension reform archive’. We’re now looking for one or more sponsors for this project.


University of Birmingham and Nest intend to create the UK’s only pension reform archive and information hub. This will be the authoritative source of published and unpublished documents related to the landmark UK pension reforms. The information hub will include context, background, milestones and timelines.


The archive is created in partnership between the University of Birmingham and Nest. The University of Birmingham will host, catalogue, index, update and support the archive. Nest will help with website branding, website construction, communication, accessing documents, interviewing and videoing. New content will include video interviews with key influencers in the reform journey.


Reform-related documents, contexts and the timeline are starting to be lost as a public record. Some items and documents are no longer physically available, for example, the Pensions Commission website and the pension reform-related section of HM Treasury’s website. Other documents are hard to find, even to those who are immersed in the reforms and who know what they’re looking for. There are many further documents that were never available because they weren’t published or because they needed to be private but no longer do. We want to bring all this information into one accessible, free-to-use area.


The archive and public information will be a free resource for researchers, analysts, policymakers, regulators, and practitioners. The impact of the archive will be better designed pension schemes, policy, and regulation around the world. We hope the hub will attract world class researchers and PhD applicants for an improvement in research-led academic outputs.

Sponsorship requirement

For the first six months, there’s a one-off sponsorship requirement of approximately £10,000 to get the archive up and operating. After the first six months, there’s an ongoing annual sponsorship requirement of approximately £10,000. Part and single sponsorship opportunities are available.