Nest Insight is a public-benefit research and innovation centre

Our mission is to find ways to support low- and moderate-income workers to be financially secure, both today and into retirement. We conduct rigorous, cutting-edge research, working collaboratively with industry and academic partners to understand the needs and behaviours of the new generation of savers created by the UK’s pensions auto enrolment system. We also consider how self-employed workers and others at risk of missing out on pension saving can be brought in. We use our data-driven insights into this wide range of financial challenges to identify and test practical, real-world solutions. Our findings are shared widely and freely to help inform industry and policymakers so that people around the world can benefit from our work.

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We believe that working in partnership enables us to deliver a more ambitious and impactful research agenda. We look to work with organisations with similar goals and values.

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All of our research is free to access. We want to share our work as widely as possible so that what we’ve learned can inform and support others. Browse the full collection or search by topic.

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