Our partners

The scale and impact of Nest Insight’s research depends on the number of organisations that work with us and the level of funding we raise. Organisations can work with us and sponsor the Nest Insight programme as a whole, becoming a strategic partner, or contribute their time and resources towards a specific research project. For more information on current and future opportunities, email insight@nestcorporation.org.uk

Strategic partners

Strategic partners are long-term partners who provide core funding for our work as well as partnering with us on specific projects.

Invesco became a major strategic partner in July 2019 to help shape our programme of work through sponsorship, the contribution of its deep industry expertise and insights, and by helping the programme to reach a wider audience.

Programme partners

Programme partners work with us on large-scale programmes of work, providing funding and/or long-term collaboration through the sharing of resources or the delivery of joint activity to launch and promote research:

Aspen FSP
We've formed a partnership to gain in-depth insights into how the UK and US retirement systems can be improved for low to moderate earners.
LGIM support our research into whether communicating with pension savers about the impact of their investments makes them more likely to engage with their account
JPMorgan Chase Foundation
The JPMorgan Chase Foundation are supporting our sidecar savings trial
The Department for Work and Pensions
We’re working with DWP to develop trials aimed at establishing what works to make retirement saving easier for the self-employed.
The Money and Pensions Service
The Money and Pensions Service (MAPS) are supporting our sidecar savings trial and working with us to conduct the research
Maastricht University
We’re working with Maastricht University to deliver a wide-ranging research programme into the drivers of engagement in pensions.
BlackRock supports the sidecar savings trial and our wider programme of research into understanding pensions in the broader financial context

Research and delivery partners

Research and delivery partners work with us on specific projects, either in collaboration on research design and execution, and/or through providing the infrastructure and services to help with the implementation of those projects.

Kings College London
We've partnered with the Policy Institute at Kings College to create a PHD studentship in public policy and behavioural science
The Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research on Ageing
We’re working with MICRA to look at the issue of pensions for precarious workers.
Salary Finance
Salary Finance are the fintech provider for our sidecar trial, providing technology to join up payroll, pensions and savings accounts.
The Institute for Policy Research
We're working with IPR, University of Bath, to video interview key decision makers involved in the UK pension reforms