The UK pension reforms (1997-2015)

The Turner Commission reforms to the UK pension system, enacted through legislation in 2007 and 2008 and rolled out from 2012 onwards, are regarded globally as a case study in how policy should be made. Some information regarding the reforms is starting to be lost: some items and documents such as the full Pensions Commission website are no longer available, while other information is still there but hard to find. Over time, we want to support efforts to ensure this information is preserved, and to add to it with previously unavailable documents and content. As a first step towards this, we’ve collaborated with the Institute for Policy Research at the University of Bath on an innovative oral history project.

About the project

We worked with the Institute for Policy Research at the University of Bath to bring together existing information and share the previously private recollections of key decision-makers involved in the reforms through a series of video interviews.

Together we published a new report, Pension Reforms in the UK: 1997 to 2015 (PDF), and created a summary video from across the project:

Video interviews

The full series of video interviews is available on the Nest Insight YouTube channel.

The Pension Commissioners

Lord Adair Turner
Baroness Jeannie Drake
Professor Sir John Hills


Tony Blair
Lord Hutton of Furness
Gordon Brown
Sir Steve Webb
Lord Blunkett of Brightside
Lord David Willetts

Project partners

The Institute for Policy Research (IPR) University of Bath, aim to further the public good through research into issues of significant relevance to policy debate and decision-making, build links with the worlds of policy and practice, and increase public understanding of policy research through its public events and publications.

They deliver activities for policymakers, researchers and practitioners to enable dual learning and original contributions to both research and practice. To find out more, visit: