Can talking about responsible investment drive positive outcomes for pension members?

Date: Wednesday 11 November 2020

Auto enrolment into workplace pension saving is now firmly embedded in the UK, and has brought millions of workers into saving for retirement for the first time. In recent years, the pensions industry has turned its attention to the challenge of engagement: with saving now a default behaviour, how can we ensure that people seek information and take action when they need to? Read More

What role can language play in helping pension scheme members contribute the right amount for them?

Date: Thursday 3 December 2020

The success of auto enrolment means that around 10 million more people are now saving into a workplace pension in the UK. Inertia has clearly been harnessed for good. But the flipside of its power is that people who’ve been auto enrolled tend to be less engaged than those who signed up voluntarily. Read More

Supporting emergency saving: early learnings from the employer experience

Date: Wednesday 9 December 2020

In the time since Nest Insight announced its sidecar savings trial in 2018, interest in the idea has grown. While it’s too early to draw conclusions from the trial itself, many in the financial services industry and third sector are already vocal in their support for the model, which combines an accessible ‘emergency’ savings account with traditional defined contribution (DC) retirement saving, all through the workplace.
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How has Covid-19 impacted self-employed people’s savings attitudes and behaviours?

Date: Monday 14 December 2020

Nest Insight has been working with the Department for Work and Pensions on a research programme that seeks to better understand the low levels of saving seen among self-employed people and to test a range of approaches to encourage and enable retirement saving.
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Past events

Nest Insight online: summer 2020

In summer 2020, we held a series of online events to share knowledge, spark debate and focus on the way forward to support those most financially impacted by Covid-19. If you missed these events, you can watch the recordings here online.

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UK Pension Reforms (1997 – 2015) research launch

On the 5th February 2020, we held an event with the University of Bath and the Institute for Policy Research (IPR) to launch our new research into why and how the UK Pension Reforms (1997 – 2015) were successfully implemented. Our project brought together the previously private recollections of key actors in the establishment and delivery of the reforms and shared them through a ground-breaking series of video interviews and a new report.

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DC Program 2019

In June 2019, Nest Insight partnered with the International Centre for Pension Management (ICPM) and the Aspen Institute Financial Security Program (FSP) to deliver a two-day conference in Vancouver, Canada, bringing together leading experts from around the world to exchange knowledge and ideas on the major issues facing savers and best practice in responding to those issues.

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Nest Insight 2019

Our fourth annual Nest Insight conference brought together academics, policy makers and industry to dig beneath the headline data and explore how auto enrolment has affected people’s savings behaviours and wider financial lives, while questioning what lessons can be learned from comparable models around the world.

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Sidecar savings trial launch event

On Monday 12 November 2018, we officially launched our sidecar savings trial and announced which organisations are taking part in the research.

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Nest Insight 2018

Nest Insight’s annual conference 2018 brought together academics, policy makers and pension experts to explore the future challenges for the pensions industry and identify solutions that can be tested.

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Nest Insight 2017

The Nest Insight 2017 annual conference moved beyond the headlines to explore what longevity means for the ‘defined contribution generation’.

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