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Past events

Building a nation of savers via the workplace

On Monday 25 March, we hosted an evening reception in Westminster to celebrate compelling evidence from Nest Insight’s workplace savings research trials.

This event brought together policymakers, senior industry figures, employers, think tanks, academics, partners and supporters to focus on the powerful potential of the opt-out payroll saving model to support millions more people in the UK to get saving. This could have wide impact, boosting financial resilience and supporting mental health, productivity and social mobility, and could also play an important role in the future evolution of workplace pensions auto enrolment.

Featuring speeches from supportive voices, including: 

  • Bim Afolami MP, Economic Secretary to the Treasury 
  • Tulip Siddiq MP, Shadow Economic Secretary to the Treasury 
  • Oliver Morley CBE, Chief Executive Officer of Money and Pensions Service 
  • Helen Dean CBE, Chief Executive Officer of Nest Corporation 
  • Claire Costello, Chief People and Inclusion Officer at the Co-op 
  • Rob O’Carroll, Deputy Director of Automatic Enrolment and Defined Contribution Pensions Policy at the Department for Work and Pensions 
  • Antony Manchester, Co-Head of EMEA Government Affairs and Public Policy at BlackRock 
  • Will Sandbrook, Managing Director of Nest Insight 

We’d like to say a big thank you to our speakers, to the BlackRock Foundation, the Money and Pensions Service, and JPMorgan Chase Foundation for supporting our emergency savings research programme, and to all of the employers, providers and research partners that have worked with us to make our real-world trials a reality.

Read more reflections from the night.

Nest Insight 2023

On Thursday 6 July we brought together academics, policy-makers and senior industry figures to discuss themes related to our mission: to find ways to support low- and moderate-income workers to be financially secure, both today and into retirement. At this year’s Nest Insight conference, we wanted to stimulate a critical discussion about the future of the UK’s auto enrolment policy.

Welcome address | Watch session


  • Jo Phillips, Nest Insight
  • Will Sandbrook, Nest Insight

Panel session | Watch session

A growing number of employers are considering the role they could play in supporting their employees’ financial wellbeing. Several products are on offer to address the low levels of financial resilience amongst UK workers. Options including payroll saving, earned wage access and loans are available from a range of different providers, and some employers are building their own solutions. During this panel discussion, we will step back to consider questions including what are the most pressing financial needs that low- to moderate-income workers have? What are the opportunities for employers to support their workers? What does a good financial wellbeing provision look like, and how effective are the solutions on offer? Nest Insight will share some learnings from recent research supported by JPMorgan Chase looking specifically at earned wage access and employer sponsored loans.


  • Introduction: Stephanie Mestrallet, JP Morgan Chase Foundation
  • Moderator: Sarah O’Connor, the Financial Times (FT)
  • Sope Otulana, Nest Insight
  • Sam O’Sullivan, Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP)
  • Matt Day, John Lewis

Panel session | Watch session

Supporting people to secure an adequate income in retirement is the number one priority for the pensions industry. Yet, many of the traditional ways to measure an individual’s financial preparedness for retirement ignore a significant potential cost: housing. Patterns of home ownership in the UK are changing, and many more people in future generations will either be renting or paying mortgages into and through retirement, so the traditional assumption in adequacy models that housing costs in retirement fall to zero is surely not sustainable. What does this mean for pensions policy and for the industry? Is it just another reason to call for higher contributions, or do we need to think more innovatively about the role we can play in supporting people on the path to home ownership? In this panel we will discuss issues relating to the measurement of adequacy in relation to housing costs, and start to discuss the potential for, and challenges relating to, innovations within pension system design that could help solve the challenge.


  • Moderator: Karen Barker, abrdn Financial Fairness Trust (AFFT)
  • Liz Fernando, Nest
  • Paul Cullum, Frontier Economics
  • Damon Hopkins, Broadstone

Keynote speech | Watch session

Changes in pension systems around the world mean that, increasingly, the onus falls on individuals to work out how much they should be saving for the long term. In the UK, considerable thought has gone into the question of how much any given individual should save to be confident of a retirement income that’s high enough to support their consumption needs in later life. Yet this ‘adequacy’ question is generally framed in narrow pensions terms, without considering the short- and medium-term impact that increased retirement contributions might make on the household balance sheet. With living costs on the rise, it’s far from easy for a household to balance short-term needs with long-term savings goals. And their consumption needs in retirement will in part depend on the choices they may make today. Given the complex interactions between present and future financial health, how can industry and policy-makers help people make informed choices about how they allocate limited assets? Is it possible to develop a more nuanced view of an ‘adequate’ level of savings, that takes into account the household’s total financial position, today and into the future?


  • Moderator: Matthew Blakstad, Nest Insight
  • Taha Choukhmane, MIT Sloan School of Management

Thank you and close | Watch session


  • Gemma Gooch, BlackRock
Replay the live stream:

Pensions auto enrolment has been a huge success in the UK, leading to a focus on how to build on that success. For many, this is about expanding both coverage and minimum contribution rates within the current framework. But a lot has changed in people’s financial lives since the auto enrolment policy was first designed 15 years ago. More pension saving, as traditionally understood, might not always be the best next step for some of those benefitting from that policy. Developments in similar systems globally have focused on how the ‘plumbing’ of the workplace pensions systems can be expanded to support people in building more holistic financial wellbeing – for example with the incorporation of emergency savings and student debt repayment elements into recent retirement reforms in the US.

Our seventh annual conference focussed on some of the broader themes around financial behaviour and financial wellbeing, the different goals that workers are trying to balance and how they can be supported, and the critical role that the workplace has to play. We also asked what this means for how we think about the next iteration of auto enrolment policy and pension system and product design in the UK.

Visit our YouTube Channel to watch all of our event recordings.

Emergency savings summit 2023

In 2023, we held our second event dedicated to workplace emergency saving. In this hybrid event, we showcased the evidence we’ve gathered across our research programme so far and shined a light on the remaining challenges.

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Past events from 2022

In 2022, we held online events to share and discuss findings from our employer pension contributions work and the latest from our research programme exploring ways to support self-employed people to save for retirement.

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Nest Insight conference 2022

Our sixth annual conference brought together academics, industry, policymakers and other experts working towards improving people’s long-term financial security. The event explored opportunities for innovation and voluntary increases in employer contributions to pensions and the struggles and the challenges to wealth-building among for low-and moderate-income households.

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Emergency savings summit 2022

In 2022, we held a brand new event dedicated to workplace emergency saving. In this hybrid event, we shared the latest findings from our research trials and heard from other practitioners and experts in this space.

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Nest Insight conference 2021

In 2021, we live-streamed sessions from our annual conference for the first time. Our event brought together academics, industry and policy makers to discuss the current state of retirement saving in the UK, and look at what solutions could support savers through the challenges of the last year, to help them build financial resilience now, and in later life.

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Past events from 2021

In the past year, we’ve held several online events. Together with our partners and collaborators, we’ve shared and discussed early learnings from our sidecar savings trial, examined the impact of Covid-19 on low and moderate income savers, published further findings from our ESG and pension engagement research programme and sat down with Ida Rademacher from the Aspen Institute Financial Security Program to discuss their financial security framework for recovery and resilience, and how US policymakers and the financial services industry have responded to the Covid-19 crisis. If you missed any of these events, you can watch all of the recordings here.

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Autumn 2020 events

In autumn 2020, we held a number of online events to share and discuss the latest research findings from our sidecar savings trial, our programme of work on pension engagement, and our analysis into the impact of Covid-19 on self-employed people’s savings attitudes and behaviours. If you missed any of these events, you can watch all of the recordings here.

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Nest Insight online: summer 2020

In summer 2020, we held a series of online events to share knowledge, spark debate and focus on the way forward to support those most financially impacted by Covid-19. If you missed these events, you can watch the recordings here online.

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UK Pension Reforms (1997 – 2015) research launch

On the 5th February 2020, we held an event with the University of Bath and the Institute for Policy Research (IPR) to launch our new research into why and how the UK Pension Reforms (1997 – 2015) were successfully implemented. Our project brought together the previously private recollections of key actors in the establishment and delivery of the reforms and shared them through a ground-breaking series of video interviews and a new report.

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DC Program 2019

In June 2019, Nest Insight partnered with the International Centre for Pension Management (ICPM) and the Aspen Institute Financial Security Program (FSP) to deliver a two-day conference in Vancouver, Canada, bringing together leading experts from around the world to exchange knowledge and ideas on the major issues facing savers and best practice in responding to those issues.

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Nest Insight 2019

Our fourth annual Nest Insight conference brought together academics, policy makers and industry to dig beneath the headline data and explore how auto enrolment has affected people’s savings behaviours and wider financial lives, while questioning what lessons can be learned from comparable models around the world.

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Sidecar savings trial launch event

On Monday 12 November 2018, we officially launched our sidecar savings trial and announced which organisations are taking part in the research.

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Nest Insight 2018

Nest Insight’s annual conference 2018 brought together academics, policy makers and pension experts to explore the future challenges for the pensions industry and identify solutions that can be tested.

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Nest Insight 2017

The Nest Insight 2017 annual conference moved beyond the headlines to explore what longevity means for the ‘defined contribution generation’.

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