Meet the Nest Insight team

Will Sandbrook
Managing Director

Will is the Managing Director of Nest Insight. Read More

Jo Phillips
Director of Research and Innovation

Jo leads Nest Insight’s research and innovation programme. Read More

Matthew Blakstad
Director of Analysis and Governance

Matthew heads up Nest Insight’s data-led research. Read More

Michelle Cremin
Associate Director

Michelle leads partnerships, communications and external relations. Read More

Emma Reid
Head of Fundraising and Partnerships

Emma builds partnerships that support Nest Insight’s research programmes. Read More

Sope Otulana
Head of Research

Sope leads the delivery of our primary research & innovation programme. Read More

Annick Kuipers
Research Programmes Manager

Annick manages Nest Insight’s primary research programmes. Read More

Clare Hodgkinson
Communications Manager

Clare manages Nest Insight’s communications. Read More

Rachel Dowdie-Smith
Research Programme Assistant

Rachel supports the Nest Insight research department. Read More

Lorenzo Ammirati
Engagement Advocacy Manager

Lorenzo leads engagement initiatives around the opt-out savings programme. Read More

Armine Ghazaryan
Research Economist

Armine works on Nest Insight’s affordable pensions adequacy project. Read More

Fionna McLauchlan

Fionna is a researcher on the Real Accounts project. Read More

Guineviere Nicholas
Events and Digital Manager

Guineviere leads the delivery of Nest Insight’s events programme. Read More

Mike Agate
Editorial, Design and Production Lead

Mike looks after the production of Nest Insight’s published work. Read More

Anne Angsten Clark
Research Lead

Anne leads the financial diaries research at Nest Insight. Read More

Imogen Stephenson
Team Assistant

Imogen supports the team in their day-to-day management. Read More

Emma Stockdale
Research Trials Manager

Emma manages Nest Insight’s opt-out payroll savings programme. Read More

Mary Verghese-Dipple
Contracts and Advisory

Mary manages and advises on Nest Insight contracts. Read More