Research programmes

Our mission is to find ways to support people to be financially secure, both today and into retirement

We conduct rigorous, cutting-edge research, working collaboratively with industry and academic partners to understand the financial challenges facing low- and moderate-income households. We use these data-driven insights to identify and test practical, real-world solutions. Our findings are shared widely and freely so that people around the world can benefit from our work.  

Our projects

Workplace emergency savings

Emergency savings are a key part of the foundation for overall financial resilience and wellbeing, and act as a platform for people to be able to save adequately for their retirement. But millions of people in the UK do not have savings of this type. Through our workplace emergency savings research programme we’re trialling tools and approaches designed to help people build up emergency savings.

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Supporting self-employed people to save for retirement

We’re leading a programme of research, supported by the Department for Work and Pensions, to understand the low levels of saving seen among self-employed people and to test a range of approaches to encourage and enable retirement saving in a way that fits with their context and meets their needs.

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Engagement in pensions

We’ve been working with our partners on a range of research programmes to build a better understanding of the existing behaviours of automatically enrolled savers, and to explore how those behaviours might be influenced to help them achieve better outcomes.

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Retirement saving in the UK

We’re producing an annual publication looking at the pension saving experiences of people who have been enrolled into Nest. As part of this series, we’ll also share supplementary reports that shine a spotlight on specific challenges facing defined contribution pension savers. 

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The UK pensions policy archive

Information on the UK’s landmark pension reforms is starting to be lost. Some items and documents are no longer physically available, other vital material is hard to find, even to those who know what they’re looking for. We’re working with the Institute for Policy Research at Bath University to create an information hub that brings together existing information, and new material, in one place.

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The impact of phased auto enrolment minimum contribution levels

Nest Insight has been working with Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM) to understand people’s experience of auto enrolment over time and the impact of the phased increases in minimum contribution levels in particular.

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