Research projects

NEST Insight was set up to help a new generation of pension savers

Our objective is to understand and solve the challenges facing defined contribution savers as they work towards a good standard of living in retirement.

We focus on rigorous quantitative and qualitative research, in collaboration with industry, academics and policy-makers. Wherever possible, we aim to move beyond theory to test practical solutions in the real world.

We’re committed to sharing our insights widely to help all defined contribution savers, in the UK and abroad. We use this website to publish reports and briefing papers, and to provide other online resources.

Our projects

Liquidity and workplace pensions

Combining emergency savings and pensions

Around the world, policy makers and researchers are launching a range of initiatives designed to encourage, on the one hand, short-term liquid savings, and on the other, illiquid savings for retirement. These two types of initiative are generally undertaken in isolation, implying a tension between liquid versus illiquid savings.

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The UK pensions policy archive

A resource for researchers

Information on the UK’s landmark pension reforms is starting to be lost. Some items and documents are no longer physically available, for example, the Pensions Commission website and the pension reform section of HM Treasury’s website. Other vital material is hard to find, even to those who know what they’re looking for.

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Self-employed and pension saving

We’re developing a comprehensive programme of work looking to understand and address the low levels of saving seen among the self-employed and gig-economy workers by testing approaches to encouraging take-up and persistency.

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The Aspen-NEST Insight transatlantic collaboration

NEST Insight and The Aspen Institute Financial Security Program have come together in a transatlantic collaboration to help solve the next generation of retirement challenges.

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How the UK Saves

NEST Insight and Vanguard have been working together to produce an annual publication looking at the pension saving experiences of people who’ve been enrolled into NEST.

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Measuring the impact of phased auto enrolment minimum contribution levels

NEST Insight has been working Harris Interactive to understand people’s experience of auto enrolment over time and the impact of the phased increases in minimum contribution levels in particular.

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Engagement in pensions

The role of emotions, beliefs and life events

We’re working with Maastricht University to deliver a wide-ranging research programme into the drivers of engagement in pensions. This project is funded by a grant from the Network for Studies on Pensions, Ageing and Retirement (Netspar).

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