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Established by the UK government as part of its auto enrolment initiative, Nest is one of the world’s fastest growing pension schemes by member numbers.

Nest members are overwhelmingly those with lower and moderate incomes, and those working in sectors with employment patterns that have traditionally made them hard for the pensions industry to reach. Many had no prior experience of pensions or investment products before enrolment into Nest. Thanks to auto enrolment, millions more are saving for later life. Yet most still face significant obstacles on the road to a comfortable retirement.

With 9.9 million members and counting, Nest is building a rich store of data and insights on the needs and behaviours of this previously under-researched population. That’s why we set up Nest Insight. Working in partnership with industry, academics and policy makers around the globe, our mission is to understand and address the challenges facing Nest members and other defined contribution savers. We do this by collaborating with some of the leading researchers in our field, to deliver:

  • rigorous quantitative and qualitative research
  • big data analysis
  • field testing of practical interventions
  • a comprehensive programme of events and roundtable discussions
  • a series of publications, briefing papers and online resources, complemented and promoted by our communications programme.

We share these data and insights widely and freely. Our goal is to help inform and support others who are working to improve the outcomes of defined contribution savers, and help those who are yet to start saving, in the UK and around the globe. To do this, we depend on sponsorships, grants and in-kind support from organisations that share our values.

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Our goals and values

Nest Insight goals

  • Rigorous quantitative and qualitative research, in collaboration with industry, academics and policy makers
  • A comprehensive programme of expert discussion events
  • Testing practical solutions
  • A series of publications, briefing papers and online resources, complemented and promoted by a social media engagement programme.

Nest Insight values

  • Academic rigour
  • Practical approach
  • Partnership working
  • Developing and testing innovative solutions.

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Nest Corporation

Nest Corporation is the Trustee of Nest. It was established by legislation as a public corporation to run the Nest pension scheme. Nest Corporation is accountable to Parliament through the Department for Work and Pensions but is generally independent of government in its day-to-day decisions.

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