NEST Insight 2017

Last year’s NEST Insight conference moved beyond the headlines to explore what longevity means for the ‘defined contribution generation’. Global leaders from the worlds of academia, public policy and the pensions industry explored:

  • What does later life look like for those people, largely on lower-to-middle incomes, whose retirement income will depend on defined contribution pensions?
  • What challenges and opportunities will shape their long-term financial well-being?
  • What does an ‘optimal’ mix of savings products and behaviours look like for this group as they pick their way through competing calls on their income?

Slides from the conference

Professor Brigitte Madrian, Harvard Kennedy School

Caroline Rookes, Money Advice Service

Claire Turner, Centre for Ageing Better

Jeremy Smith, The Aspen Institute

Matthew Blakstad, NEST Insight

Thomas Post, Maastricht University