Nest Insight fair processing notice – self-employed research

This fair processing notice (‘notice’) provides you with information about how your personal data will be used in our self-employed research project. Please read it carefully with Nest Insight’s Privacy policy, which has more information about how your personal data will be used and your data protection rights. We are required under Data Protection legislation to notify you of the information contained in this notice.

Your consent

We will collect your consent before you can take part in our research and any activities associated with this. If you do not provide your consent, your personal data will not be processed or used in our research.

Types of data

We may store, collect and use (process) the following personal data about you for the research and related activities only:

  • first name and surname
  • phone number
  • email address
  • name of your company/employer, job role
  • region
  • age, gender, and other demographic information
  • information about your knowledge of financial products held
  • your personal circumstances (including some financial information) and your attitudes, experiences and behaviours around finance management
  • audio and/or video recording (note: you will never be recorded without your prior consent).

Special categories of data are more sensitive and have extra protection under Data Protection legislation, this includes data that could reveal your racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, health data, sex life data or data concerning a person’s sexual orientation.

We do not intend to process special categories of data but if you share special categories of data information with us through your responses, you provide your explicit consent to this data being processed and used for the purpose of the research.

Your participation

If you agree to participate in our interview research, we will use either the phone number and/or email address provided by you to contact you about participation in our research and to send you a £50 compensation via the Ayda platform on completion of the interview.

We will retain your phone number and/or email address solely for purposes of the research and in any event no longer than 3 months after your participation.


We may use the following third-party processors to support the research:

  • The online survey provider Smart Survey will host the survey, their privacy policy can be viewed here. Your use of the survey may be subject to their privacy policy, but they will not have access to your personal information.
  • If you are eligible and provide your consent to participate in an interview, this will be audio and video recorded using Zoom. Their privacy policy can be viewed here.
  • Where you have provided your phone number and consent for us to do so, we may use WhatsApp to communicate with you. Conversations on WhatsApp are subject to their privacy policy which can be viewed here.
  • On completion of the interview, the online payment provider Ayda will be used to issue payments. For all payments to be received they will need basic information i.e. name and email address. You can then choose whether to have the compensation received via Bacs, PayPal or in a voucher form. Their privacy policy can be view here.

Communicating with us via WhatsApp

We will contact you by e-mail and/or phone to inform and update you about the interview if you have shared your details with us for this purpose.

We know some people prefer to use WhatsApp to communicate so, where you have provided your telephone number, given consent and have informed us that this is your preferred way of being contacted, we will contact you via WhatsApp.

Before you provide consent for us to contact you via WhatsApp you should read the WhatsApp LLC privacy policy.

Just so you are aware, WhatsApp LLC encrypts any messages you send using the app which means they cannot see what you share with others. Some people are still concerned that WhatsApp isn’t a totally secure platform and you do not have to use it in this research. Whatever you feel about using WhatsApp for your own messages, it’s a good idea to be careful about sending anything personal or sensitive through this channel:

  • We ask you to only use WhatsApp to communicate with us about interview dates, logistics, or questions.
  • We recommend you do not share any personal or sensitive information with us via WhatsApp that include photos of people, bank details, addresses and other sensitive content.
  • Please be aware that we have no control over the way data is stored and sent to you on your own device. We will erase any personal or sensitive data you share with us within 72 hours of receiving this from our device.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Do I have to take part in the research?

You do not have to complete the survey or participate in the interview. You can ask questions about our research before deciding whether or not to participate.

If you do agree to participate, you may withdraw from the research at any time, without giving a reason, by advising Nest Insight via email, text or WhatsApp.

You can contact us with any queries or to request to withdraw from the research by emailing us at At your request any personal data not already anonymised will be deleted from the research.

Are there any risks and benefits in taking part?

The possible risks of participating in the research are minimal. We take the necessary steps to ensure compliance with Data Protection legislation and to protect the personal data that you provide to us. You will receive no direct benefits from participating (except the compensation for your participation in an interview). However, your responses will help us to learn more about how people manage their money. These findings will contribute to important research that could help policymakers, academics and the financial services industry better understand how to support people to improve their financial wellbeing.

Will I be identifiable in any research outputs?

No. While we may use quotes from your interview we will not attribute these quotes to you.