Nest Insight 2021

Just one week until #NestInsight2021

We’re delighted that this year, for the first time ever, we will be live-streaming sessions from our annual conference! Join us for Nest Insight 2021, to hear and engage with the latest research and saving solutions being tested by experts working towards long-term financial security for low-and moderate-income workers.

Our fifth annual conference will bring together academics, industry and policy makers to discuss the current state of retirement saving in the UK, and look at what solutions could support savers through the challenges of the last year, to help them build financial resilience now, and in later life.

Join us and our expert panels for the day’s sessions:

10am | Welcome

10:30am – 11:30am | Financial resilience in the aftermath of Covid-19
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The Covid-19 crisis has had an impact on people’s work, incomes and costs of living. These effects have been unevenly distributed: some people have found themselves becoming ‘accidental savers’, spending less on commuting and going out but still working, and therefore ending up able to save more than in the past. Others have faced significant reductions in their income and have had to spend down savings or borrow to make ends meet. Read More

12pm – 1pm | Short term financial security as a platform for financial wellbeing in retirement
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People’s capacity to save for retirement, and the choices they have about how to use those savings when they retire, are a function of their overall financial wellbeing. As an industry, we should therefore be interested in how to support pension savers in building overall financial resilience and health to give them the best possible platform for their retirement saving. Read More

2pm – 2:40pm | How to change behaviour
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Katy Milkman is the James G. Dinan Professor at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, host of Charles Schwab’s popular behavioural economics podcast Choiceology, and the former president of the international Society for Judgment and Decision Making. Read More

3pm – 4pm | Supporting decision-making for retirement
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Almost all workers are now saving for their retirement, thanks to the automatic enrolment reforms. But as people approach retirement, they face a wide range of choices about what to do with those savings, and many will need support in making decisions. Providing this support in the right ways and at the right times, and engaging savers with the tools and advice that are on offer, are critical challenges for the industry and for employers. Read More