Autumn 2019 newsletter: Guest blogs

As a collaborative research unit, NEST Insight welcomes input from our peers and contemporaries. Our guest blog is regularly contributed to by leading researchers in the field and we are delighted to host two fascinating blogs from Emma Stockdale, PhD student at Kings College and Dr Hayley James, PhD researcher at Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research on Ageing:

Time to look to the future

Emma Stockdale and Michael Saunders from the Policy Institute, both at Kings College, explore the impacts of delay discounting and possible interventions. The study stresses the importance of making friends with our future selves and recommends further research into methods of improving this connection. Read the blog: Time to look to the future

The lived experience of pension decisions

Dr Hayley James shares her research on individual decision making after auto enrolment into a workplace pension. The blog examines how automatically enrolled savers make decisions about their pension and why there’s no single solution to increasing engagement. Read the blog: The lived experience of pension decisions

Further information

Both authors recently joined us at our summer conference to present their current research projects and discuss their findings. Full coverage of the day’s presentations are now available to watch on our YouTube channel: Nest Insight YouTube