NEST Insight is a hub for innovative research partnerships

We believe that working in partnership enables us to deliver a more ambitious and impactful research agenda than would otherwise be possible. We look to work with organisations with similar research interests and organisational outlooks, who can bring their own research ideas and resources to projects.

We welcome research proposals from organisations that share our objectives and values:

NEST Insight goals

  • Rigorous quantitative and qualitative research, in collaboration with industry, academics and policy-makers
  • A comprehensive programme of expert discussion events
  • Testing practical solutions
  • A series of publications, briefing papers and online resources, complemented and promoted by a social media engagement programme.

NEST Insight values

  • Academic rigour
  • Practical approach
  • Partnership working
  • Developing and testing innovative solutions

If you would like to submit a research proposal, please email, with a brief outline of the research idea, methodology and objectives, making reference to the following:

  • Relevance and impact: How relevant is the project to NEST Insight’s goals and values, and to NEST’s core purpose of enhancing end outcomes for its members and target market?
  • Originality: Has this research or similar been conducted in the UK previously, with a similar population?
  • Indicative costs and any potential avenues of funding
  • Other requirements from NEST Insight: What input would be required from NEST Insight, for example in terms of data requirements and time commitment?
  • Your organisation’s experience and reputation in this field