Latest reports

Responsible investment as a motivator of pension engagement

Working together with our programme partner, Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM), Nest Insight has been conducting to research to understand whether communicating with members of a pension scheme about the impact of their investments makes them more likely to engage with their retirement account, and crucially, whether doing so has any impact on downstream behaviours such as seeking information, logging into a pension account or changing contribution levels. 

Beyond the defaults

Working with our strategic partner, Invesco, we want to build a better understanding of the existing behaviours of people who have been automatically enrolled, and to explore how those behaviours might be influenced to help them achieve better outcomes. We aim to identify language and message framing that better engages, informs and motivates individuals to save for their retirement to drive a defined positive outcome.

Supporting emergency saving: early learnings from the employer experience

Our multi-year sidecar savings trial, supported by BlackRock, the Money and Pensions Service and JPMorgan Chase, aims to test the impact of a hybrid workplace savings tool that’s designed to help people build up emergency savings and, once a savings target has been reached, to put more aside for retirement on top of their normal auto enrolment pension contributions.

Our latest report focuses on how employers have responded to the idea of the savings approach, as well as insights into the experience of workplaces that are participating in the trial.

The impact of Covid-19 on self-employed people’s saving outlook

We’re leading a programme of research, supported by the Department for Work and Pensions, to understand the low levels of saving seen among self-employed people and to test a range of approaches to encourage and enable retirement saving in a way that fits with their context and meets their needs. This new research examines the financial impact of Covid-19 on self employed people, their ability to save and need for different types of savings solutions, including emergency and hybrid savings tools.