Spring 2020 newsletter: Aspen Leadership Forum on Retirement Savings

Last month we were invited by our partners at The Aspen Institute Financial Security Program to speak on a panel about the path to building a more inclusive retirement savings system in America. Since our trip to Washington earlier this year is looking to be our last overseas visit for some time, it seems especially poignant to reflect on what we discussed.  

Following the passing of the SECURE Act, more attention than ever is being focused on what comes next for the US retirement system. At the event, Will Sandbrook joined a panel for a cross industry look at what the US can learn from examples around the globe. Panel members included:

  • Michael Kreps, Pensions Council to the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions
  • The Honourable Nick Sherry, former Australian Politician
  • Ida Rademacher, Vice President at The Aspen Institute and Executive Director of the Aspen Institute Financial Security Program.

Nest Insight are uniquely placed to speak on this subject because as the research unit of Nest we have access to a rich store of data and insights on over 9 million members, and we recently launched our own research on the UK pension reforms (1997 – 2015)

There’s a fantastic write up of the panel discussion in this article in Forbes magazine, that examines the learnings from building our own UK retirement system, and explores the origins of Australia’s Superannuation model. A video of the session is also available to view on YouTube: