December 2018 newsletter: Work with us in 2019

Are you interested in working with us to help solve the challenges facing a new generation of pension savers?

NEST’s members are overwhelmingly those with lower and moderate incomes, an those with working in sectors with employment patterns that have traditionally made them hard for the pensions industry to reach. Before they were automatically enrolled into NEST, many of our members had no previous experience of saving into pensions or investment products.

Whilst auto enrolment has so far been a great success, there’s more to be done to help improve people’s financial wellbeing both today and in retirement. With 7 million NEST members and counting, NEST Insight has access to a rich store of data and insights on the needs and behaviours of a previously under researched population. By working in partnership with industry, academics and policy makers around the glove, our mission is to understand and address the challenges facing NEST members and other defined contribution savers.

We share all of our work widely and freely so that the insights we gather can have the biggest possible impact and benefit to defined contribution savers around the world. To be able to do this, we rely on sponsorship, grants and in-kind support from organisations that share our values. If you have ideas or resources that can help advance our work, we’d love to hear from you.

Email to find out more about partnering with NEST Insight and helping us to realise our ambitious programme of research and events.