December 2018 newsletter: Self-employment and pension saving

This year, we published two research reports as part of our programme of work exploring how we can help the self-employed save for retirement.

Earlier this year we worked with i2 media research, Britain Thinks and the RSA to bring together existing evidence with new qualitative research to understand the needs and challenges these groups might have in relation to saving. We also held a roundtable discussion with them and a number of experts from across sectors. The discussions from this event, and the findings of our qualitative research, are summarised in our first report which was published in May: Retirement saving and the self-employed (PDF).

As part of this work, we spoke to self-employed people across the country to find out more about their working lives, their aspirations for retirement and the challenges they face when it comes to pension saving. Watch our video:

In October, we published our second report, Working for today, preparing for tomorrow: the realities of self-employment and pension saving (PDF), after conducting further research with i2 media. This work examined the different types of self-employed journey, identified large sub-groups within the population, and explored the potential touch points at which long-term saving might be encouraged.

More recently, the Department for Work and Pensions announced that they’ll be supporting a number of research projects to explore how we can help the self-employed save for retirement. We’re excited to be leading several of these projects, and we’ll be kicking off this research at the beginning of 2019. Our work will aim to test different forms of messaging and savings options, and explore how behavioural nudges can be introduced into existing systems and online platforms that the self-employed already use to manage their work and finances. You can find out more in our blog ‘Self-employment and pension saving: testing what works’.

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