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Sidecar savings trial launch event

NEST Insight is working with Professor Brigitte Madrian from Harvard Kennedy School to test the ‘sidecar savings’ concept. We hope to show that a liquid savings account, managed automatically alongside a worker’s retirement savings, can improve their financial wellbeing, today and into retirement.

On Monday 12 November we’ll be launching the sidecar savings trial and announcing our project partners – those who are providing funding and research support, the banking partner who will provide the emergency account, and the employers who are rolling out the trial within their organisations.

If you’re interested in attending and would like further details, please get in touch:

Further information:

You can find out more about the sidecar model and our research trial in the following NEST Insight publications:

Liquidity and sidecar savings discussion paper (PDF)
Liquidity and retirement savings: what’s the right balance (PDF).

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